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Online registration began on 16 September 2013

V. HOW TO REGISTER1 . Online registration began on 16 September 2013 up to24 September 2013 ;2 . Applicants fill out a registration form and print a registration number onlinemedia via the Internet at http://bkd.jatimprov.go.id ;3 . Applicants include all the properties into the registration requirementsapplication envelope ( see example ) ;4 . Applicants send cover letter addressed to the Governor of East Java cq .Head of the Regional Employment Board of East Java Province to addressBKD PO.BOX JATIM 2013 SBS 60400 through the nearest Post Office start date16 September 2013 until 24 September 2013 (postmark ) usingService employess (including shipping charges mark behind the number of examinees ) ;5 . The committee only received the cover letter through the Post Office .
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